Bitcoin Misery Index Bmi

20 Apr 2019.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Lee pointed out that Fundstrat's most recent Bitcoin Misery Index (BMI) at 89 is at its highest in the last few.

Bitcoin Misery Index! (BMI) McAfee Prediction Website! Coinbase Tax Tools! NEM & Bitcoin's Price22 Jul 2019.

Our @fundstrat Bitcoin Misery Index (the BMI) recently dipped below 67, 1st time since 2019 crypto bull rally starts.



華爾街策略分析師暨 Fundstrat 顧問公司的共同創辦人Tom Lee 在4 月11 日透過推 特表示,他自創的「比特幣痛苦指數(Bitcoin Misery Index,BMI)」.

Will Bitcoin Fail 22 Apr 2020. The coronavirus crisis could still hand the world's most volatile currency the upper hand in. Has bitcoin failed to live up to its ultimate promise? 25 Jul 2019. Like Bitcoin, it was a social revolution, said Wilcox. Yet, Linux “totally failed,” and cryptocurrency could succumb to a similar fate. “The fact that.

22 Apr 2019.


value currently reported by his company's bitcoin (BTC) sentiment indicator Bitcoin Misery Index (BMI) has never been seen in a bear market.