Bitcoin Foundation Board


Clearly deviating from the current standing bylaws, the Bitcoin Foundation has suspended the board elections and decided that the vacant positions will be filled .

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24 Feb 2014.

The chief executive of Bitcoin exchange MtGox, Mark Karpeles, quits the board of the Bitcoin Foundation, which oversees and develops the.

16 May 2014.

At least ten foundation members want to see former child star and Bitcoin investor removed from the board.

Concordium Teams, Foundation Board and Advisory Board.

Smart contracts are small programs that can govern cryptocurrencies worth several million dollars .

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28 Jan 2014.

Charlie Shrem, the Bitcoin pioneer charged with money laundering, resigned Tuesday from the board of the Bitcoin Foundation, the trade group.

Premier Alden McLaughlin has said the European Union’s blacklisting of the Cayman Islands remains “a source of major worry.