Bitcoin 0.12.1

25 Jul 2016.

As of Bitcoin Core 0.12.1, the soft fork deployment for both BIP 68 and BIP 112 has been included in the software, using the mechanism for.


RubyBitcoinOpenAssets. 0. More than 3 years have passed since last update. 環境. openassets-ruby 0.4.9; bitcoin-ruby 0.0.8; bitcoin 0.12.1.

Bitcoin Fullnode Stage III Part IV - Bitcoin 0.12.1 RC1 Released - Raspberry Pi Image AvailableDeploy the sealed-secrets 0.12.1 in Kubernetes. A Helm chart for Sealed Secrets.

pig-0.12.1-mapr-1403-withouthadoop.jar zookeeper-3.4.5-mapr-1401.jar. For the SPD Engine on MapR 3.1, include these JAR files as well: activation-1.1.jar.

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18 Jan 2017.

Indeed, most cryptocurrencies have been created by copy-pasting.

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