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Matt Corallo-DevCore Draper Universitydonc , libbitcoinconsensus.donc.0 ) dans le répertoire /usr/local/lib/ fiolder et /usr/ local/include/ dossier l'installation de la pièce.

Versions for libbitcoinconsensus. 5 package(s) known. Repository Package name Version Category Maintainer(s) Funtoo 1.4 net-kit: net-libs/libbitcoinconsensus: 0.17.1: net-libs: [email protected], [email protected]: Funtoo 1.4 net-kit: n.

16 May 2018.

With the help of inclusion proofs and rolling hashes, libbitcoinconsensus could potentially safely verify entire blocks. The size of the required.

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This module provides native bindings to Bitcoin's libbitcoinconsensus functions. This library is experimental, so use at your own risk. INSTALL from npm. npm install libbitcoinconsensus Note: you will need to have g++/llvm installed first. from git

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7 Feb 2018.


directory `/home/qtum_data/qtum/src/secp256k1' CXXLD libbitcoinconsensus. la copying selected object files to avoid basename conflicts.

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libbitcoin-consensus is now installed in /usr/local/. Dependencies. This library requires libsecp256k1.The test cases have a boost dependency. Configure Options. There is a dependency on boost test for make check builds (tests).