Duplicate Coinbase Transactions Are Allowed

Users say they purchased a small amount of crypto from Coinbase like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. Then several days later, the transactions were repeated multiple times. For some users who.

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Payments processors Worldpay and Visa said Friday they are reversing duplicate transactions that recently caused unauthorized withdrawals for some users of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. “Worldpay and Coinbase have been working with Visa and Visa issuing banks to ensure that duplicate transactions have been reversed and appropriate credits have been posted to cardholder accounts,”.

Help! My Ethereum Transaction has Been Pending All Day!You report your crypto transactions from Coinbase just like you would if you were buying and selling stocks on a stock exchange. You need to report all taxable.

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Many users of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange were unhappy last week as they found that their accounts had been wrongly debited due to duplicate transactions. Coinbase is one of biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and has a large customer base in the United States. Users took to popular social media channels and cryptocurrency exchanges to complain about money.

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